Barefoot® London Dressage Saddle


SKU: LO-0-01

Barefoot® London Dressage Saddle

Barefoot London Dressage Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!

  • flexible dressage saddle made from real soft leather
  • delivered with Velcro-on kneerolls
  • stirrup attachment can be positioned like needed
  • including Barefoot® VPS-system
  • also recommended for short backed horses
With stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed, plus flexible V-Rigging and kneerolls which can be adjusted via Velcro.
Dressage cut saddle made of soft cow hide designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. The long saddle flap positions the rider’s leg in an open dressage seat which will not lock the rider into a fixed position. The saddle provides the deep seat and close contact contact feel typical for the Barefoot. The London will enable you to feel your horse’s muscles and movements which provides the foundation for very refined riding.
Black, thick fleece underside. Padded knee flap. Comes with 2 pairs of knee rolls (different sizes) and can be velcroed to the saddle according to your individual needs. This saddle is also very suitable as a trail saddle and comes with 6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding needs.  The fiberglass insert (medium size) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddles. Double stitched leather on all weight bearing parts.
• Flexible in all directions
• promotes the development of a good topline
• With VPS system
• Close contact feel for refined riding
• Weight only approx. 5 kg
Leather colour: Black only
Size 0: Delivery time 12 weeks!
Seat sizes: 0, 1 or 2
Seat size info here
Template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse) HERE
Colour: Black
The fork (size wide) can be changed as with all Barefoot saddles. These are available to purchase separately.
The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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