Saddle Fitting Charges

Why is there a consultation fee?

Much time and effort has been spent over many years travelling all over to learn how to fit saddles, pads and cinches in various countries and locations; equine biomechanics; equine physiology; training to look for saddle related discomfort; when to refer to other professionals; horse and rider psychology; and to understand the horse's behaviour as communication. Much experience and knowledge is brought to (and shared) at each consultation. This is all for the good of the horse.

Treed and treeless saddles are sold by The Western Saddler Ltd. The consultation will vary slightly if the saddle is treed or treeless.

There are four options:



EQUIscan charges for the measurement of the horse, including data recording, measuring the horse with the Topographer PRO and photo documentation £99.00.

Saddle Fitting Clinics:

TWS are happy to discuss and arrange Saddle Fitting Clinics for your stables, riding club, or college.

If you have questions, or would like to request a clinic, please click here.

Saddle Fitting Talks:

TWS has presented saddle fitting talks to riding clubs in the past. We cover topics such as what constitutes a poorly fitting saddle, a well-fitting saddle, padding, girthing, behaviour relating to issues around comfort, etc. We can tailor the talk to the groups requirements. We try to get the audience to have hands on participation (depending on group size), so as to maximise learning for the group.

If you have questions, or would like to request a clinic, please click here.

Please contact me to arrange your consultation or if you have any questions. For fitting terms and conditions click here.