Dear Reader,

I have been bedridden for the second time in 15 months, with a suspected bulging or herniated lumbar disc (too many pregnancies!). I’m getting better every day but it’s given me time to reflect about where I’m going.

I’ve amassed a great deal of knowledge, diffused over the years from many, many sources. It works. The way I fit western saddles keeps horses comfortable long term.

I have decided to train some lovely similar minded people to work with me, on a self-employed basis, to cover the UK and parts of Europe too. I aim to create a supportive network of people with a great depth of understanding, to deliver an honest, knowledgeable and horse-comfort-centred service. I have a number of people already interested and now am making it public to see if any others want to join this merry band of horse loving men and women.

Whilst I’ve been laid up in bed I’ve been designing a western treed and treeless saddle fitting course to include equine behaviour, assessing pain, basic biomechanics, western saddle fit, treeless saddles, basic English saddle fit, saddle pads, cinches, and more. There will be classroom studies, working with the theory on my horses, followed up with shadowing, then case studies, and an exam.

At the end of the course, you will have access to my suppliers, which are proven to work for the horses, donkeys and mules; you will be self-employed so choose how and when you work; you will have a support network to help when needed; hopefully we will do some CPD annually to carry on our learning.

Ideally you should have good people and communication skills, if you have an equine bodywork or hoof trimming or similar background that is advantageous (although not essential), and the quality that is absolutely vital is to have the desire and love of putting the horses comfort above all else 🐴

In the future I will also be offering courses for horse owners and equine professionals.

It’s a fantastic job. I meet amazing people (some of which have gone on to be lovely friends), and their equally amazing 4-legged friends; I get to travel to places I probably never would’ve seen; I get to work outside in all weathers; I’ve been to so many courses and kept learning - for the sake of the horses.

I am still working out the final stages of the course, and hope to run it late spring/summer. It will be in the New Forest, UK. There will be a cost for the course.
If this is something you might be interested in please email me telling me about yourself, your experience with horses, why you want to do this, your contact details including a phone number.

Please have a look at this website including the testimonials, Q&A, etc to get a feel of what I do. Please do join the Facebook group and Instagram too.

I will be updating this area soon with more information.

Many thanks and have a good day 😊