Welcome to The Western Saddler

My name is Maria Score and I have developed my training and experience in saddle fitting and supply of western tack over many years, learning from industry leaders in Germany, France and the UK. 

I believe in the difference a high quality and well fitted western saddle can make to your horse, your riding and your performance. 

Western saddles are a big investment and it can be a costly mistake if the wrong saddle is fitted, even minor issues can cause major problems down the line. That is why I promise high quality customer service, advice and support at every step of the way, on top of providing high class and quality western saddles and tack.

We stock a fantastic range of high quality saddles, tack and training DVDs for both the western, English and classical horseman.

Covering the whole of the UK for saddle fitting consultations – from the South Coast, with regular trips to Scotland, and everywhere in-between. Can also supply and help with fit overseas.

We specialise in items that feel comfortable & kind to the horse.
Experienced and knowledgeable saddle fitter.