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Top Saddlemaker Custom Buckaroo Saddle

Designed with both the horse and riders comfort in mind. Super comfortable for the rider, but also wonderfully comfortable for the horse too - thanks to the custom tree making service offered by EQUIscan. a true fit to your horses back shape via a high-tech templating system, which then custom makes a tree for your horses' exact shape. These saddles can also be made with extra wood on the underside, so if your horse should grow substantially, then the clever guys at Top Saddlemaker can file some of the underside of the tree away and return it to you. Genius!!

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About TWS

Hello, my name is Maria. I am a mother, a horse (and mule) owner, a small business owner, and a lifelong student.

I have loved horses since I first sat on one at a school fair, aged 8. I come from a non-horsey family, therefore was so lucky to get my first pony, Fly, when I was 12. I have had horses ever since. 

My passion for horse comfort was ignited after a nasty horse riding accident, which saw my friend break her pelvis and her horse lose his life - due to a lack of control. A short while after I saw a man riding down the road, no hat, western saddle, and most importantly - no bit! I had to stop and ask how that was possible. 

My whole world just got a lot bigger.

A year or so later, in 1999, my young horse needed backing and therefore he needed a western saddle. I bought a second hand one but it just didn't look right. I then invested in a custom saddle. It didn't fit.

I was determined to find a western saddle that my horse was comfortable in. So I embarked upon a lifelong journey of learning, exploration and of listening to the horses.

I have spent time with western saddle fitters, English saddle fitters, equine physiotherapists, equine chiropractors, equine massage therapists, equine biomechanics experts, trainers, the list goes on...

When you choose TWS, you help support a small business, and in turn a young family.

My motive, first and foremost, is the horses comfort. They suffer silently if I make a mistake. This is my guiding principle. 

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