About The Western Saddler

Hello, my name is Maria, and I have acquired my training and experience in saddle fitting and supply of western tack over many years. I have learned from industry leaders in Germany, France and the UK, as well as learning from the latest research, numerous health professionals and biomechanics experts. My learning is ongoing. I believe in the difference a high quality and well fitted western saddle can make to your horse, your riding, your safety and your performance.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of The Western Saddler, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which brands of saddle to stock, which items to purchase or the best way to serve customers. Western saddles are a big investment and it can be a costly mistake if the wrong saddle is fitted, even minor issues can cause major problems down the line. That is why I promise high quality customer service, advice and support at every step of the way. 

As an experienced saddle fitter, I'm used to working with all types of customers - local or abroad, riding school or single much-loved horse. I specialise in items that feel comfortable & kind to the horse.

Based in the New Forest but covering the whole of the UK for saddle fitting consultations – from the South Coast, with regular trips to Devon and Scotland, and everywhere in-between and I can also supply and help with fit overseas. 

Much time and research goes into the items contained in this website to ensure I only supply quality equipment that won't let you or your horse down. If you don't see what you want please get in touch as I may be able to source it for you. ​Thank you.

Collection list

AK Saddles
AK Saddles are very good quality and are made in Germany. These are highly customiseable, both to the horses shape, and the owners requirements. They are able to make exceptionally wide and short saddles, as well as a whole range of other sizes.
Equiflex Saddles
Equiflex Saddles are one of the most popular makes of Western saddle throughout Europe. They are made in Germany, and have over 70 shapes of tree, making a great fit possible for most horses. They are highly customisable to both horse and rider. Guaranteed for 10 years.
Pullman Saddles
Pullman Saddles are the top of the range western saddle. Made in Germany by one craftsman from start to finish. Beautiful saddles and amazing to ride in! They are built on the Equiflex tree, which has over 70 different shapes of tree to choose from. Guaranteed for 30 years.
Top Saddlemaker Saddles
Christoph Rieser has been making custom-made saddles in the Westerwald, Germany, for 30 years. The anatomy and biomechanics of horses are in the forefront whilst designing the saddles and trees. Whether Coldblood or Icelandic, Quarter Horse or Warmblood - in his saddlery a wide variety of horses are helped. The goal is to build functional saddles of high quality. His knowledge and know-how has spread among customers and the equestrian market.


We ride on Dartmoor in all weather and inevitably, across all types of terrain. Eight years ago Maria came and spent an hour with each horse getting just the right saddle (we have a quarter horse and a part bred Arab with very different needs), and making sure the fit was perfect. The saddles have stayed in excellent shape and remained comfortable for horses and riders so when I got a new young Arab the obvious place to go was back to The Western Saddler to find a western saddle to fit. Maria is a joy to work with, reassuringly concerned to get the detail right and explaining clearly how the fit is specific to my horse’s shape (it was a real eye-opener to realise that my slight young Arab is wider across her shoulders and rib cage than my stocky older quarter horse). I am confident my new horse will be as comfortable in her saddle as our others have been for the past eight years and can’t recommend Maria, her saddles and her saddle fitting highly enough.

Liz10th June 2018

Over a year down the line and I'm still very happy with my saddle from TWS. The time Maria took to fit it to my horse was definitely time well spent. Before ordering she came out with a number of different trees to make sure she had the best fit. Once my saddle arrived she came back out to check the fit and advise on the best pad and shimming to ensure my horse was as comfortable as possible. She was extra careful with fit as my horse had some back issues, and took this in to account when advising on which saddle I should have. She watched me ride in the saddle, checking that it wasn't pinching anywhere and spent a long time making sure both she, my horse and I were happy with the fit. I've been on many long trail rides since buying my saddle, and my horse has never shown any sign of soreness, the saddle stays perfectly in place and I've been able to adjust the shimming in the pad Maria recommended to allow for seasonal weight changes. Thanks for a great service Maria Leo and I have really appreciated your knowledge throughout.

Jo17th June 2018