Remote Saddle Fitting


These will be done via photos and/or video and/or templates. Your existing saddles can be checked and/or new (or new second hand) saddles can be sourced. We have been fitting this way for many years and with a high degree of success. 

The charge for a full fitting this way is £45 + VAT. This includes the cost of one wire template if required.


  • Initially please make contact expressing what you require.
  • If you have an existing saddle you want checking, please send photos of the saddle on your horse, no cinch or pad, with photos taken from the side, front and behind:
    From side

    From the front

    From behind

  • Take the same photos again of your horse with no tack on.
    From side

    From the front

    From behind
    Ideally there should not be shadows in the photos (as there are above!).
  • If your saddle pad or cinch is an issue then you will be advised accordingly.
  • If you decide you would like a new treeless saddle we will send you a link to the wither template for the arch. We do have a trial saddle that you can try. Photos will be required before and after riding. 
  • If you would like a treed saddle we can send you templates and fitting instructions. Once you have shaped the templates they will need to be sent to the German wholesalers and they will try them in their many different trees to find the perfect match. They may then send the trees out to you to try on your horse and take more photos to confirm the fit, or to confirm any alterations required. Then your saddle can be made. If you are requiring a second-hand saddle, and a tree has been found to fit, then we can look for a second-hand saddle if we don't have one in stock. 
  • Advice will be given regarding saddle pads, cinches and shimming.
  • Advice will also be offered regarding how to monitor the horse and saddle for long term fit.

Finally, here is a link to the Saddle Fitting Terms & Conditions

Please contact us to arrange your consultation or if you have any questions.