What to expect from your consultation: The first consultation can take between 1-3 hours.  During the consultation we will look at the horses build first and how the shape of the horse influences saddle fit. Then evaluating your horses’ back for discomfort, and look for possible causes, including assessing if the pain is related to saddle fit.  We will take a look at your existing saddle, evaluate fit and see if it is possible that a change in saddle pad would benefit the fit at all. If your saddle does not fit, or you need a new saddle, this is where we will try on and assess new and/or secondhand saddles and/or trees. Once we have found a saddle or tree that is a basic good fit then we will turn to pads to get the fit tailored to your horse.  I bring a wide selection of different types of pad and I carry a few cinches.  If you would like me to bring headstalls, reins, DVD’s etc. please let me know, before the consultation.

If no saddle or tree that I have with me is right, then I will shape a template and take photos of your horses back.  If a template is taken, then you will be responsible for getting packaging and sending it to the chosen wholesaler in Germany. I will get in touch with you once I hear the results (this can take between 2-6 weeks).

The other option is that I can take an Equiscan template (see here). That incurs an extra cost of £99.00 +VAT. With that I can almost instantly upload the results to all saddle companies so they can check their trees to see if any are a good match. The other option is that a tree can be custom made to fit your horses shape and fitted inside a Top Saddlemaker saddle. 

First consultation will cost £70 +VAT plus travel at 75p +VAT per mile each way.  I do not charge for time traveling. EVERY time I come out to you, you will be liable for the travel costs.  You can bring your horse to me, then there will be no travelling or consultation costs payable.  The local arena I use (which also has an indoor school) is The Fortune Centre near Bransgore, Dorset.

Service provided – I WILL NOT sell you a saddle that does not fit.  As a result you will save on physio/vet/training bills.  Your horse should be a safer and happier ride due to helping to minimise pain due to poor saddle fit. My aim is to make the horse as comfortable as possible, to allow him/her to do his/her job to the best of its ability.

After sales service: If you have any concerns or feel, within 30 days of the consultation, something is not right, I will not just leave you to sort it out yourself.  You will not be liable for further consultation costs during the 30 days, but will be liable for all travelling costs (unless you come to me).  I will keep coming back until everyone is happy.