Barefoot® Madrid Saddle


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Barefoot® Madrid Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!

Barefoot Madrid Saddle

  • adapts to the horse’s back
  • allows muscles to build up
  • precise aids through close contact, deep seat
  • flexible stirrup attachment
  • soft, comfortable suede seat
The Barefoot® saddle for classical riders!
Our Barefoot model ‘Madrid’ is optically made for classical riding, but not only does it look right is also allows for a deep, secure seat.
Closeness to the horse is noticeable: Your horse’s working muscles and movement of the back are transmitted unlike with any other saddle of this type and therefore build the basis of more precise riding.
At the same time the horse’s back remains free of pressure. Demanding lessons, collections, transitions: Your horse can learn free of tension and build topline without any restriction by the saddle. There is no saddle pressure to stop your horse from moving freely. Blood supply to muscles remains in tact and muscles can therefore build up.
The stirrup attachment can be positioned between seat and saddle as needed. Therefore saddle easily adjusts to your seat and size.
Flexible V-Rigging. Saddle also suits horse’s with difficult girth positions. Saddle lies a little further forward than a conventional saddle and positions the rider at the horse’s center of gravity. It is therefore easier for your horse to balance the weight of the rider, the basis for lessons of any kind.
The seat is removable through velcro and can be exchanged with a real sheep wool seat. The sheep wool seat has integrated knee rolls and can be purchased separately.
The Barefoot Madrid is made from two different types of genuine leather:
Soft, supple, non-slip suede with integrated padding for the seat and sturdy, smooth leather (South American quality) for the rest of the saddle.
6 D-rings to attach saddle pad etc
The included pommel insert (size medium) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot saddle models (see size guide).
• flexible in all three dimensions (X,Y,Z)
• no pressure and therefore no restriction in muscle build up
• movable stirrup attachment
• flexible V-rigging
• VPS system
• weight only approx 6kg
• seat sizes 1 & 2
• available in black or brown
For size information, please see here.
Template (to determine the width of your horses shoulders) HERE
The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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