Barefoot® Cheyenne Lily Children’s Saddle



Barefoot® Cheyenne Lily Children’s Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!

  • cute ultra-light children saddle
  • made of water repellant and easy clean DryTex
  • seats the young rider safely while offering good stability
  • included with Barry matching keyring
Adorable pony saddle for children made of water repellant DryTex™ with smooth texture, very easy to take care of, just clean with a wet sponge. These saddles like all Barefoot’s have a panel system to protect the pony’s spine.
A matching keyring is included: with the brown/pink saddle comes the little, cheeky Lily.
The saddle settles and seats the young rider safely while offering good stability.  Beginners can hold on to the elevated front pommel. Since riders experience good feel for the movement of the horse in all our Barefoot saddles, novice riders progress fast in developing an independant and balanced seat. 
Colour matching fleece underside. 6 D-rings to attach the saddlepad, saddlebags crupper and breastplate if necessary.
The fibreglass insert (wide size) can be exchange for a small soft insert.
• Flexible in all 3 directions
• Offers secure seat
• Close contact seat will teach beginners faster to adjust to the horse’s movement
• Weight only 4kg
We recommend our DryTex versions for use as a spare saddle or for beginners. If the saddle is in constant use, it is worthwhile buying the leather version.
We recommend using the corresponding DryTex stirrup straps, as the edges of real leather straps damage the material.
Seat size: XO. 
Seat size info here
Measuring template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse) HERE
Colour: Brown/Pink.
The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS


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