Barefoot® Cheyenne DryTex Children’s Saddle


SKU: CH-DT-X0-01

Barefoot® Cheyenne DryTex Children’s Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!

  • cute ultra-light children saddle
  • made of water repellant and easy clean DryTex
  • seats the young rider safely while offering good stability
  • included with Barry matching keyring
Our favourite all around saddle made of DryTex™, a water repellant faux leather with a slightly grained structure. This material is very light and can be cleaned with a just a wet sponge. This model is a favorite among riders who want to have a lot of freedom in their seat. The saddle adjusts to the horse’s back and the rider’s leg can swing freely; there is no restriction of  a knee flap.  Colour matching thick fleece underside. Nylon trim. 6 D-rings to attach all your travel/riding needs.  The fiberglass insert (wide size) can be exchange for a small soft insert.
•    Flexible in all 3 directions
•    No undue pressure under saddle and therefore aids in building a strong topline
•    With VPS system and stirrup attachment which can be positioned as needed
•    Affordable and easy to maintain
•    Weight only 3 kg – lightweight
We recommend using the corresponding DryTex stirrup straps, as the edges of real leather straps damage the material.
Seat sizes: X0, for Kids size 140
Size X0 has delivery time 14 weeks
Seat size info here
Colours: Brown or Black
Measuring template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse) HERE
The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS


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