Barefoot® Barrydale Saddle


SKU: BD-1-01

Barefoot® Barrydale Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider! Very popular!
  • anatomically knee rolls
  • the saddle frames the rider
  • deep and very secure seat
  • ideal for long distance rides
  • bicoloured, very soft Nubuck leather
The anatomically shaped, duo coloured, soft Nubuck leather knee rolls, incorporated in the detachable seat of this Barefoot® Saddle, frame the rider to allow for a deep and very secure seat whether out hacking or in the arena. The Barefoot ‘Barrydale’ is particularly popular with Endurance Riders – strenuous up and down – no problem with this saddle. Your legs are precisely positioned, the saddle stays secure, the horse’s back pressure free – a must especially on long distance rides.

The stirrup bar can be freely positioned between saddle & seat to suit your preferred seat position & your size.

Flexible, V-Shaped girthing system. The saddle is also suitable for difficult girthing positions. It lies a little further forward than conventional saddles, therefore positions the rider directly above the horse’s center of gravity.

Your horse will find it easier to balance your weight.

With this saddle you will feel your horse’s muscles work and the movement of its back, the basic requirements for more advanced riding.

9D-Rings to secure saddle pad or luggage. As with all Barefoots, the pommel insert (medium size) can be exchanged.

• flexible in all 3 dimensions
• no pressure therefore no restriction to muscle build up
• movable stirrup bar
• flexible V-Shaped Girthing System
• VPS System
• large, anatomically shaped knee rolls
• weight only approx. 6kg

Sizes: 0, 1 + 2
Seat size info here
Measuring template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse) HERE

Leather colours: black/grey, dark brown/hazelnut or black (soft leather)

The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS


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