Barefoot® Arizona Saddle


SKU: AR-0-02

Barefoot® Arizona Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!

  • ultra light western saddle (6 kg)
  • very pliable and moulds to the horses back
  • made of robust, open pore cow hide – comfortable for the rider
  • very deep seat – near to horseback
  • ideal for short backed horses
  • available as a vegan option to order on request

Horse-friendly Barefoot Western Saddle made of robust, open-pore cow hide, very pliable, moulds to the horses’s back, and comfortable for the rider.

Also available as a vegan option, on request – made of Drytex and Biothane.

Very deep seat – so the rider sits close to the horse’s back! Short, round skirts.

The short, rounded skirts of the Barefoot ‘Arizona’ make this model ideal for short-backed horses and/or horses with higher withers.

The Barefoot saddles have movable stirrup bar, so you can set your fenders in the position you need them.

Barefoot Saddle System: Anatomically shaped to the horse’s back without rigid tree and flexible in all directions. Barefoot Treeless Saddles adjust to many shapes of horse, leaving withers & spine free, distributing the riders weight to an optimum without causing pressure points.

The Barefoot ‘Arizona’ is flexible in all 3 directions, no pressure and therfore no restriction to your horse’s build up of muscle. With VPS – System (Vertebrae Protection System) – absorbs pressure even better and ensures spinal clearance. Ideal for short-backed horses. Dense, fleece underside. Fibreglass fork (with horn) can be removed, and either another fibreglass one, or a soft arch put in. Saddle comes as standard with wide fork, other sizes can be purchased separately here.

Sturdy & easy care due to a dirt repellent treatment applied to the leather. 6 D-Rings to attach saddle pad, saddle bags, etc. Decorated with conchas & leather straps. Western rigging and comes with off-billet and tie strap (nylon).

Cinch is required and is available separately –  TWS recommended cinch: Asymmetric Western Cinch

Please note: fenders and stirrups do NOT come with the Barefoot Arizona – therefore they are available separately here: wide fenders & stirrups.

  • Promotes the development of a good topline
  • Flexible in all directions
  • With VPS system
  • Ideal for short backed horses
  • Weight only approx. 6.5kg without fenders or stirrups
  • This is a ‘green leather’ product for better & cleaner planet. This treatment is 100% organic as it doesn’t contain poisonous or chemical additives. After all we are all responsible for the future of our children! Vegetable tanned leather is more durable and flexible. For horse and rider it is more pleasant to use because it is noticeably softer than chemically tanned leather.
  • Some Arizona saddles are in stock. Please check menus above for availability.

Colour: Brown, Black and Caramel-Brown.

Size: 0, 1, 2. Size 0 only available in brown.

Seat size info here

Template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse) HERE

Note: Barefoot western saddles are permitted for Western Pleasure competitions.

The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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