Top Saddlemaker Reining Saddle with Basic Tree


Top Saddlemaker Reining Saddle with Basic Tree

The Reiner is well suited for sports and tournament riders. The slightly flatter Cantle offers the rider a good freedom of movement in the maneuvers. 

The saddles are available in natural, chocolate or black, the underside is covered with faux fur and the basic equipment includes bolted leather conchas and aluminum or wooden stirrups.

TOP SADDLEMAKER Basic saddles are built on combination saddle trees made of wood-plastic. The seat and the bars are made of plastic, fork and cantle made of wood covered with fibreglass. The saddle trees are produced in the U.S.A.
With an Equiscan measurement, we can check whether a combi-tree can be used for your horse. The seat lengths of the saddles are available in 15, 15.5, 16 and 16.5 inches.

There are different fits and different saddle models. From Endurance, Western Saddle with round skirts or Reining Saddle with Cheyenne-Roll. The underside of the skirts in the basic version is always equipped with faux fur. We decided to use this saddle concept in order to offer you a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive saddle.

The Reining saddle with a 16" seat and wooden stirrups weighs around 12kg (26lbs).

Top Saddlemaker Options

Supplied with World Class Equine Deluxe Saddle Cover.

About 'Top Saddlemaker' Saddles

Top Saddlemaker (website in German)

The brand 'Rieser' saddles (aka Top Saddlemaker) is famous in the Western and Trekking disciplines, and stands for top quality from Germany.

Christoph Rieser has been making custom-made saddles in the Westerwald for 30 years. The anatomy and biomechanics of horses are in the foreground. Whether Coldblood or Icelandic, Quarter Horse or Warmblood - in his saddlery a wide variety of horsebacks are saddled. The goal is to build functional saddles of high quality. His knowledge and know-how has spread among customers and the equestrian market. Due to the high demand of saddles for the specialized trade Christoph Rieser decided in April 2016 to found an independent company called Top Saddlemaker GmbH & Co.KG. The company implements different saddle concepts. On the one hand there is the Basic Line on combination trees, whose Kunststo base comes with "Cantle" and "Fork" made of wood with a fiberglass cover made in America. The Basic Line 3D relies on standardised, CNC milled wooden trees from Equiscan. It is also possible for customers to have their own designs created. 

The Equiscan system

Surveying with the Topograph PRO allows an exact replica of the horse's back shape. The numerics will detect any existing asymmetries and also the position of the back in space will be noted. These measurement data then serve as the basis for further processing by the manufacturer, saddler or specialist dealer. They can be used for the construction of saddles or saddle trees, as well as for changes in the fit, for the selection of a used saddle or for an inspection of an existing saddle with the horse owner on site, regardless of saddle type and riding style.


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