Scharf Freedom Western Girth (Cinch)



Scharf Freedom Western Girth (Cinch)

  • TWS is able to offer you fitting advice with your cinch purchase at no extra cost. These are expensive cinches, and we want to make sure you buy the correctly shaped cinch for your horses conformation.
  • This product focuses on the quality of life for the horse and its quality will allow you to use it for many years!
  • Scharf Western Girth Brochure here
  • Video: How to measure for a new cinch

The exclusive and patented design of the SCHARF Freedom Girth, was designed such that each part of it, work with a particular muscle of the chest without interfering with the free functioning of the other muscle.

Its revolutionary concept makes it the first girth on the market that works intermuscularly.

Its extreme articulation is so evident that it is capable of folding itself so that it is easier to transport it and such that is does not occupy much space.

Scharf Freedom Girth is a unique product and manufactured in Europe with high quality materials in accordance with European Community standards.

The SCHARF Freedom girths offer:

Maximum air circulation.

Independent muscle support for freedom of movement – a great benefit to any western horse.

Allows for ribcage movements as the horse breathes.

Manufactured to be strong and durable.

100% Smooth Leather.

Foldable for easy storage.


Scharf Brochure here

The entire Scharf range can be ordered through TWS. 

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