Rockin S Sweet Iron 2 Piece Snaffle


SKU: 232-5

Rockin S Sweet Iron 2 Piece Snaffle

Search online to see many positive reviews for these bits. TWS has been selling these bits for years, and has also had many positive comments and reviews from customers over the years.

Mark Rashid is a fan of these bits.

This bit was designed to decrease the discomfort at the corners of the horse’s mouth. This bit will not pinch. The extra 3” rings at each end of the mouthpiece float independently to disperse the pressure across the lip and cheeks making the horse more responsive to the riders cues. Attach the rein to the floating dee ring outside the cheek’s ring.

The mouthpiece is made of sweet iron which will naturally rust into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for the horse and makes the bit more acceptable and increases salivation for a supple mouth.

Available in a 5″ and 5.5″ mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is 7/16″.

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