Peggy Cummings – Connected Groundwork DVD

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Peggy Cummings – Connected Groundwork DVD

A well balanced dynamic riding position, natural stability and a light supportive contact are the basis for successful work with your horse, from the ground to the saddle. With the Connected Riding® system, riders learn to ride from within themselves, that is, by feeling, sensation, rhythm and motion. They learn to support the horse’s movements and to encourage the horse to work from the hindquarters.

Connected Groundwork® improves the horse’s flexibility, muscle tone and posture while providing daily diagnostic and warm up tools. It teaches riders how to ride their horses from the ground in preparation for weight bearing work under saddle.

Well known American riding clinician, Peggy Cummings, communicates the biomechanics of riding that empowers rider and horse. Her unique teaching and training methods are based on years of classical training, research and the work of Sally Swift and Linda Tellington-Jones.

Approx running time 50 mins.

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