Nancy Cahill – Horsemanship 1 DVD

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Nancy Cahill – Horsemanship 1 DVD

‘Fundamentals of Excellence’

Good horsemanship is when a horse and rider work together. Fundamentals of Excellence explains all of my fundamentals of good horsemanship in easy to understand terms with plenty of demonstrations. This DVD is a great way to teach a beginning rider or to give experienced riders new ideas. This DVD includes an overview of the basic tools for communication with your horse, the proper body position for maximum control, and many other of my techniques to make everyone a better horseman. After you and your horse master the fundamentals of this DVD, you will be ready for Drills for Ultimate Control.

About Nancy Cahill:

While there are different types of riders and horses, they all have some things in common. Communication and horsemanship are two of these things. True horsemanship is when the rider and horse are able to work together. Horses come to this relationship with instincts, built-in behaviors, and personalities. It is up to their rider to take all of these into account when working with, training, and riding the horse. Knowing how best to ask the horse to do what you want is as important as the horse learning to understand what you are asking. Once you both learn this, the fun can begin!

Nancy says… Do It Yourself with Videos … I know I can’t personally work with everyone. I’m too far away, finances are a problem, or there is not even a trainer in their area. There is no possibility of taking lessons from a professional. So I designed these DVD’s with no secrets, no information or techniques withheld. Everything I do everyday myself and with my students is here. I am often asked “when will you have more DVD’s coming out?” Right now, there isn’t anything more I can put on a DVD – because my entire program is on these tapes already. Everything is there.

Some want to show their horses, other just want to be able to ride better and have a happier horse. My intention is that you can watch these DVD’s over and over, practice the techniques, and get the same results as my resident students (both riders and horses). Whether you intend to show your horse or just ride for the pure pleasure of it, each of these DVD’s is useful in starting and advancing your horsemanship with your horse in your own backyard.

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