Mattes Wool Saddle



Mattes Wool Saddle

This is the new Mattes Wool Saddle. It has been in the design process for quite some time as Mattes wanted to make sure this was designed and pressure-tested to ensure the horses comfort. 

The saddle design is based on the herder saddles (like the Doma Vaquero Saddles), which are designed for being in all day for stress free riding. Because of the saddles high comfort, it is perfect for long rides without tiring the horse or rider. 

The design cannot be compared to other similar looking saddles. Often similar looking saddles have no, or very limited gullet space for the withers and spine. In fact, often these similar looking saddles can pull tightly across the withers!

The Mattes saddles are comprised of several different layers - Sheepskin Seat, the Base Support which includes a changeable gullet to protect spine and withers, and the Saddle Pad which includes the Mattes Correction system.

The sheepskin seat is designed to put the rider in a correct and comfortable, balanced position. The shape of the seat is based on Spanish and Herder saddles, and has therefore been proven to be ideal for long and relaxed riding. The solid (but not rigid) cantle forms an ideal support for the riders lower back. The firm knee rolls ensure a high safety level and put the rider in a correct position. The knee rolls and cantle can be removed when washing the sheepskin.

The Base Support is the core part of the Mattes Wool Saddle. It is the base for the Sheepskin Seat and has integrated padding for the rider to sit on. Together with the stabilising panels the tunnel made from MPS-16 materials is responsible for the good pressure distribution on the horse’s back. Girth straps as well as either stirrup leathers or fenders are attached to the Base Support. 

It is recommended to use safety stirrups as the stirrup leathers are attached to the saddle with a closed steel ring. Also it is recommended to use stirrup leathers with the buckle above the stirrups and with a buckle cover.

The shape and construction of the Base Support are the same for all MATTES saddle pad shapes. D-Rings for tethering bags etc. are attached to the back end. Furthermore, there are rings on both sides of the withers.

The Base Support forms a functional unit together with the Saddle Pad to ensure best possible pressure distribution.

The Saddle Pad has MATTES lambskin panels in the saddle area, as well as built in MPS-1 pressure distribution panels and POLY-FLEX inserts for best pressure distribution. The pressure distribution panels are components of the saddles construction and functionality. The Saddle Pads are available in almost all MATTES shapes, including western styles.

This saddle is designed to be ridden with stirrups. These are set so that the rider cannot feel them under their thighs.

This comes in two sizes for the horse - cob and full. The full can be used on smaller horses too, as the pressure testing showed that the rear of the saddle did not exhibit much pressure into the lumbar area. The maximum rider weight on the cob sized saddle is 70kg due to the saddle being shorter. It is nearly always preferable to use the larger full sized saddle, even if it is a little too long, as the weight bearing would not go all the way to the rear of the saddle.

The saddle comes in 4 seat sizes. These are based on German trouser sizing.

  • Full Sized - Small = 34/36/38; Medium = 38/40/42; Large = 42/44/46; Extra Large = 46/48/50
  • Cob Sized - Small = 34/36/38;  Medium = 38/40/42; Large = 42/44/46

The tunnels are available in different sizes (based on wither width): 16cm, 18cm, 20cm, 22cm, 24cm, 26cm and 28cm. (See Photos for measuring). Further adjustment can be made by inserting additional full- or half-sized POLY-FLEX inserts.

Please see main photos with where to measure. Measurements of the different styles and sizes of saddle below:

Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart


Sizing Chart

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