Mattes Universal Western Saddle Seat Saver



Mattes Western Saddle Seat Saver with Pommel Cut Out

Western saddle seat saver with pommel cut out is made with 100% genuine sheepskin.

This product measures 53.5 cm from the rear edge of the ‘fork’ to the upper edge of the ‘cantle’ along the seat curve.

A uniquely comfortable seat

You’ll be sitting softly and comfortably on our western seat saver with moisture regulating lambskin. This seat saver has been developed especially for western saddles.

Made in Europe

If you wish to place a custom order, please click below to see the various colours available: sheepskin.

Washing & care instructions for Mattes items are here.

Please note that custom orders usually take from 4 weeks to arrive, sometimes longer.

The entire Mattes range can be ordered through TWS. 

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