Mark Rashid – Ground Driving 101 DVD



Mark Rashid – Ground Driving 101 DVD

Mark Rashid takes viewers through the steps he uses when introducing horses – whether the young untrained horse or the older more experienced horse – to the art of ground driving.
Covered in this DVD are ways to help desensitize a horse to driving lines, ideas on how to help the handler become more competent when using driving lines, starting a horse on the basics of longeing, and continuing on to more advanced longeing. He then goes on to demonstrate ground driving (including turning, stopping and backing) in both a halter and bridle.
Also included in this DVD is a bonus section on how to braid your own driving lines!

About Mark Rashid:

Mark Rashid has committed himself since youth to finding quiet but effective ways to work with horses. As seen in his eight books, Mark conveys his lessons in a practical, concrete manner – but with feel. Working around the world with a multitude of breeds and riding disciplines, he focuses on what is happening on both sides of the horse/human partnership – how the rider can clearly communicate while building trust. Mark’s instruction on communication involves always searching for the least amount of cue or pressure possible.

Running time: one hour, thirty minutes

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