Mark Rashid – Developing Softness DVD



Mark Rashid – Developing Softness DVD


In this DVD, Mark demonstrates several exercises for ways in which riders can develop softness in themselves and then be able to present that to their horse. He demonstrates with several horses the effects of softness in developing communication, and presents some practical applications of the information presented. It has a running time of one hour, thirty minutes.

About Mark Rashid:

Mark Rashid has committed himself since youth to finding quiet but effective ways to work with horses. As seen in his eight books, Mark conveys his lessons in a practical, concrete manner – but with feel. Working around the world with a multitude of breeds and riding disciplines, he focuses on what is happening on both sides of the horse/human partnership – how the rider can clearly communicate while building trust. Mark’s instruction on communication involves always searching for the least amount of cue or pressure possible.

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