In-Hand Lessons With Manolo Mendez DVD

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In-Hand Lessons With Manolo Mendez DVD

The 3 hour DVD comes with a complimentary 24-page In-Hand Companion Booklet in pdf form. In addition, you will receive an invitation to Manolo’s In-Hand Facebook Group where you will be able to ask questions about the DVD content and share your experiences.

“In this DVD, traditional dressage professor and in-hand expert Manolo Mendez takes students and horses through groundwork exercises in a clear and logical sequence. The communication, rapport and sensitivity of the horse, trainer and student is wonderfully maintained and respected at every moment. Simply put, this DVD is absolutely inspirational.

Dr. Kerry J. Ridgway, DVM, Integrative Medicine, Equine Performance Specialist, retired FEI Judge and Endurance competitor, Author and Lecturer.

“This DVD is brilliant. Manolo demonstrates in-hand techniques he has developed over time that can help any owner improve their horse with exercises designed for balance, coordination, lightness plus strengthened topline and joints. It brings clarity to a subject that is rarely understood and combined with the (free) supporting online written material, will open new worlds for both horse and rider. Your horse will thank you!

Kim Walnes, rider and trainer of Hall of fame inductee the Gray Goose, member of the USET 3 Day Eventing Team from 80-86, winner of Individual and Team Bronze Medals at the 82 World Championships and FEI dressage trainer.

In-Hand Lessons with Manolo Mendez – An Introduction to Working In-Hand is a three hour – plus introduction to working in hand with horses. Designed to be practical and un-intimidating,  the DVD follows the first five lessons of equestrian and biomechanics lecturer Jillian Kreinbring as she learns to shape, influence and enhance horses’ postures and gaits with the help of a cavesson and a bamboo.

Watch short video clips from “In-Hand Lessons With Manolo Mendez: An Introduction to Working In-Hand”.

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