Heunetz - CG Original Round Bale Hay Net M60 - 1.8 x 1.6 Metre


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Heunetz - CG Original Round Bale Hay Net M60 - 1.8 x 1.6 Metre 

  • Amazing quality, durable hay nets 
  • Round bale hay net with either a 60mm, 45 mm or 30 mm mesh size
  • Measures 1.8 m by 1.6 m
  • Material: 5 mm rope thickness, knot-free 
  • The edges are reinforced and overlocked
  • The 30mm hay net is for small ponies only

The net is a rectangular box with a net base, and is open at the top. With dimensions 1.8 m high and 1.6 m wide and deep, you can place the net over a whole bale, turn it over and tie it on the other side (ties provided). Ideally, the net is tensioned from above with a tackle, so that it can then be retensioned when the bale collapses in on itself.

5mm PPM - in premium quality
6 cm mesh size, without knots
Edges are reinforced, overlocked and double reinforced on top

The price is for the CG box net incl. 2 m cord. We ask that you acquire any additional mounts and accessories yourself, as there are so many options that are also dependent on the nature of the installation location

Please see video: .

Safety notice:
All horse shoes damage the horse. Therefore the hay nets have only been developed and tested for bare hoof horses. We discourage the use of the nets by horses with unnatural hooves, i.e. shod horses. We also discourage their use by horses whose hooves have a diameter smaller than the mesh size.

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