Heunetz - CG Original Large Hay Net - 1.5 x 1.0 Metre



Heunetz - CG Original Large Hay Net - 1.5 x 1.0 Metre

  • Amazing quality, durable hay nets 
  • Rectangular hay net in 45 mm or 60 mm mesh sizes
  • Measures 1.50 m by 1.0 m
  • Material: 5 mm rope thickness, knot-free 
  • The edges are reinforced and overlocked.

Hay net, fine-mesh L with a 6 cm mesh size (one of the best-selling hay nets in Europe) An original Premium Hay Net by CG Heunetz

This is the little brother of the extremely successful fine-mesh Hay Net XXL for open stables and pastures. The hay nets are identical to the Hay Net XXL in terms of their features and use. The only difference is that the width of the net is 1.50 m (rather than 3.00 m). The filling level remains at 1 m. Capacity approx. 10 - 12 kg.

The price for the Hay Net L of course includes the patented suspension and locking system. We also supply 4 buckles in the same material as the hay nets free of charge, allowing you to fasten the hay net indirectly onto a mounting bracket. This significantly increases the durability of your nets. There are no other hay nets that can be filled quicker or more easily A high-quality complete set at an affordable price!

The nets have also safely come through a test phase for donkeys and miniature Shetland ponies, lasting approx. 6 months!!!

Having treated many injured hooves, we are aware of the huge damage caused by all types of horse shoeing. For this reason we have developed and tested the XXL, XL and L hay nets exclusively for natural i.e. unshod horses. The use of the hay nets with shod horses is therefore at your own risk!

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Safety notice:
All horse shoes damage the horse. Therefore the hay nets have only been developed and tested for bare hoof horses. We discourage the use of the nets by horses with unnatural hooves, i.e. shod horses. We also discourage their use by horses whose hooves have a diameter smaller than the mesh size.

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