Equiflex Trail Saddle #182


SKU: EQ182

Equiflex Trail Saddle #182

  • Seat sizes available: 15.5″ - 17"
  • Fit: Choose from around 500 differently shaped Equiflex trees which can be customised for accurate fit to your horse
  • Lightweight leather option available at no extra cost
  • 10 year warranty

A short all-round saddle. "Drop down rigging" which gives it more stability even on wide horses.

The saddle is delivered with or without a horn.

Comes with strings to easily attach saddle bags, coats, etc. Special fittings for saddle bags can be fitted when ordered, or retrofitted as desired.

Seat is very comfortable and is well suited for long days in the saddle. The saddle is very well-balanced and suitable for both experienced and novice riders. 

All our Equiflex saddles are delivered with different trees, according to the horse's measurements, as well as the seat size and length of the fenders according to the rider's measurements. The saddle can be adjusted according to your personal taste and ideas. For example, you can choose a different saddle tree, the leather oiling colour, twist & wrap fenders, tooling, seat size, silver and much more.

The saddle is built on the unique Equiflex tree that adapts to the horse and follows its movement pattern. 

Antique colour finish is available for an extra £300.00.

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