Equiflex Buckaroo Saddle - Chocolate Brown - 17" With a Shortened 82 Tree

£3,900.00 £3,500.00

A beautiful Equiflex Buckaroo Saddle with a nubuck black seat 17". Tree 82 with alterations, comes with bucking rolls, horn wrap black with matching strings, rope strap, hobble holder, back cinch, small Cheyenne roll, fender twist & wrap (allows the fenders to sit nicely and doesn't twist the leg) beautiful basket weaving and silver ornate ponchos with black detailing. Truly a breathtaking saddle in great condition. 

The alterations were:
Equiflex tree shorten
Equiflex tree angle change
Equiflex cantle moved for 17” seat
Extra seat padding 
6 x D-clips
It’s been very lightly used between 25th April 2021 until 6th July 2021 and ridden a further 12x so it in great condition. Used by a lovely couple, both tall (5'9 and 6'1 so the fenders are designed for a taller couple, these can be adjusted). 
Brand new it cost £3900 - OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS
If you are interested please contact Sara Haley:
Any information about saddle fit or advice please contact: 

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