EDIX® Vika Versatility Vegan Saddle



EDIX® Vika Versatility Vegan Saddle

A treeless allround saddle, complete with pad, inlays, fenders and stirrups. A very practical lightweight saddle made of high-quality synthetic materials. With its appearance and comfort, the EDIX® Vika meets all the requirements that a rider could wish for comfortable horseriding. Consisting of a 2-part superstructure of high quality synthetic leather and a substructure of treeless saddle pad including inlays. Because the EDIX® Vika is completely made of synthetic materials, it is a "100% Vegan friendly" allround saddle.

The wide fenders are reinforced with pp straps and together with the matching stirrups they complete the EDIX® Vika. When preferred the rider can opt for strirrup leathers and the lightweights pvc stirrups to meet one’s style or prefrence. The EDIX® Vika is the synthetic version of the FRA® Courville, before the most sold allround saddle from the FRA® treeless collection for many years. A treeless all-round saddle that is suitable for long rides out, as well as jumping or dressage.

An EDIX® treeless saddle offers your horse optimum protection for the load exerted by riding, due to the special construction of various soft flexible pressure distributing materials: EDIX® MPDS, multiple pressure distribution system (see drawing). At the same time, these soft, flexible layers perfectly adapt to the anatomy of the horse, as well as the rider’s posture. An EDIX® treeless saddle optimally reacts to the movements of the horse. Partly due to this, the rider learns to perfectly adapt to the horse’s movements and, as such, develops an independent position. As a result, the movements of the horse and rider become one, and from there, excellent communication is created. Because the horse is moving much more freely, it has the possibility to develop optimally, which is often shown by an increase in muscle mass. Due to the above and after the habituation period, both horse and rider, show in all aspect of horseriding more relaxation.

The fiberglass pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low withers. The cantle is made of a soft high density foam and together with the pommel, they connect the left and right half of the saddle and offer stability to the saddle and comfort for the rider.

The complete EDIX® Vika treeless allround saddle comes standard with a universal treeless saddle pad, with an underside that is finished with a synthetic wool, including inlays. This saddle pad offers a free spinal clearance and is provided with velcro closable pockets, to fit different kinds of inlays. As a standard composition this pad is fitted with polypress inlays. For a more heavy rider, the 3 mesh inserts are advised. The EDIX® Vika can also be combined with the pads available for the EDIX® Courville. Where extra, pressure and position distributing material is required the best option would be to use the Courville felt pad. Your saddle dealer will be able to give additional advise if needed.

The EDIX® Vika allround saddle can be combined with the EDIX® saddlebags and breastplate, for which various rings have been fitted. The FRA® supergirth is optional and its 100% elasticity ensures a rock-solid fixation.

Inlays are subject to wear and tear depending on the intensity of use and need to be checked from time to time for the residual force. These sets of inlays are separately available.

The EDIX® Vika allround saddles are available in the colours brown and black and in a child version, size small, medium and large.

X Small - 23cm Seat
Small - 15" Seat
Medium - 17" Seat
Large - 19" Seat

Complete Set includes: saddle, fenders and stirrups.

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The entire EDIX® range can be ordered through TWS

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