EDIX® Vika Fenders



The EDIX Vika Fenders are a pair of accessories designed specifically for the EDIX Vika saddle. These fenders are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for the rider.

The Vika Fenders attach to the saddle and provide support and stability for the rider’s legs. They are adjustable, therefore allowing the rider to customise the length and position to suit their preference and riding style. This adjustability ensures a proper fit and helps maintain a secure and balanced riding position.

The fenders are designed with rider comfort in mind. They are padded to provide cushioning and reduce pressure on the legs, therefore enhancing the riding experience. The padding also helps absorb shock and minimize fatigue during long rides.

With the EDIX Vika Fenders, riders can enjoy improved stability, control, and comfort while riding their EDIX Vika saddle. These fenders are a great addition for riders looking to enhance their riding experience and achieve a better connection with their horse.

The fenders are made of two layers of synthetic material, inside which a reinforcement of a wide PP band has been applied.

These fenders can be combined with all EDIX saddle models.

  • “ vegan proof 
  • fenders made entirely of synthetic material
  • including fender straps with buckle
  • by pair

The fenders are available in brown and black, in a short and normal length.

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