EDIX® Uni Treeless Foam Pad



Currently have 1x Large - Black pad in stock, all others are ordered in. 

Introducing the EDIX Uni Treeless Foam Pad, a versatile and visually appealing underlay suitable for both tree and treeless saddles.

Crafted with utmost care, the top of the pad features a durable cotton quilt fabric that exudes elegance. Inside, you’ll find two spacious draw compartments equipped with standard polly press inserts. Therefore, this accommodates various types of inserts as per your preference. Also, to add convenience, a practical lockage bag is skillfully stitched on both sides of the pad’s top.

Designed for utmost comfort, the bottom of the pad is adorned with synthetic fur, while separate insert compartments on both sides create a liberating backbone freedom. The EDIX Uni Treeless Foam Pad stands out for its easy maintenance, thanks to its cotton and synthetic fabric construction.

This exceptional pad can be utilised with all brands of treeless saddles, as well as traditional saddles, making it a versatile choice for riders of different preferences.

  • sturdy cotton fabric at the top
  • handy closeable pockets
  • 2 large velcro compartments for inserts
  • anatomically shaped with notch for withers
  • synthetic wool bottom for spinal freedom

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