EDIX® Uni Contour Dressage Pad



The EDIX Contoured Dressage pad is made of a quilted step fabric on the top, a base of double foam and a bottom without wool. It is a universal 8-pocket dressage saddle pad that is suitable for both tree and treeless saddles.

On both sides of the free spine there are 2 large inner compartments and 3 small insert compartments. These are on the top left and right from the middle line. All felt inserts are included. Naturally, a different type of insert can be chosen if required. Because the pad is equipped with 8 insertion compartments, there are several options to ensure further pressure distribution and or to change the position in order to balance your treeless saddle properly on your horse. For a tree saddle you could do a temporary correction with this pad.
Because the pad does NOT have merino sheepskin or synthetic wool on the underside, the pad is also extremely suitable for rounder horses.

The EDIX uni pads can be used for treeless saddles as well as traditional tree saddles.

  • outer fabric is a strong cotton-poly mix
  • inner material is a pressure-distributing foam
  • beautiful anatomical backline
  • velcro straps for d-ring attachment
  • 8 separate inlay compartments that can be closed with Velcro
  • supplied as standard with all felt inserts
  • free spine
  • split for freedom of the withers
  • reinforced abrasive part
  • One size  54×54 cm
  • machine washable
The saddle pad is easy to wash in the washing machine, provided you remove the inserts.

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