EDIX® Tequiro Neoprene Felt Pad



THE EDIX® Tequiro pad is anatomically shaped and has a notch at the front which provides extra withers freedom. The top is made of a sturdy cotton fabric on which a thick neoprene layer has been stitched on both the left and right side of the pad, at the height of the inserts. This neoprene layer has a pressure distributing effect as well as an anti-slip effect. The underside of the top of the pad, where the rider's leg rubs while riding, has a suede reinforcement. The inside of the pad is made of felt and the underside of the pad is finished with synthetic wool.

For the inserts there are two with Velcro, lockable, separate slide-in compartments. Due to the separated neoprene layers and the 2 large insert compartments, there is freedom of the spine.

To clean suede in the EDIX® Tequiro, you should use the wool leather detergent so that the suede remains supple and strong.

The EDIX® Tequiro pad also fits under the EDIX ® Tiamo western saddle, as well as under various other brands of treeless western saddles.


- Made of felt with a sturdy cotton fabric on the top neoprene pressure-distributing material with anti-slip effect directly under the saddle.
- The underside is finished with a very easy-care synthetic fur.
- Suede reinforcement has been applied to the sanding part of the leg.
- 2 large insert pockets on the inside including neoprene inserts the insert pockets can be closed with velcro
- Provides freedom for the spine
- Anatomical shape
- Notch for shoulder clearance
- Velcro straps for attachment to the saddle

The EDIX® Tequiro pad is available in brown and black and in sizes S, M and L.

The entire EDIX® range can be ordered through TWS


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