EDIX® Tequiro Fenders


Introducing the EDIX Tequiro Fender, perfect for you matching EDIX Tequiro Saddle! Designed to help you complete a stylish, comfortable as well as a high-quality saddle set.

These fenders come in various colours in order to match perfectly with your saddle. The EDIX Tequiro Fenders will ensure high performance and durability whether you’re in the area or taking a casual ride.

The EDIX Tequiro Fenders are a sturdy wide fender made of high-quality cowhide leather. The length of the Tequiro fenders is easy to adjust with a leather-covered metal blevin slide buckle .

Also, these fenders will form nicely to your legs through use.

These fenders can be combined with all EDIX saddle models.

These come in small, medium and large. 

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