EDIX® Stirrup Turner



These work by turning the fenders so it remains flat against the horse and the stirrups still hang with the opening towards your feet.

Comfortable because the stirrups do not always turn away from your foot when the fenders have not yet been properly broken in.
- Joints of your knees and ankles are relieved
- The stirrups give a springy effect.
- If you lose your stirrups during a ride, they are also easier to find by the stirrup turner, so that you can quickly regain the support of your stirrups.

Check regularly whether the cap nut is still sufficiently tightened on the bolt, it can become loose due to movements and keep in mind that the total fender length increases by 5 cm due to the bracket turners and you have to readjust the length of your fenders.

The maximum width of the fenders to be used for these bracket turners is 7 cm. 

Supplied in pairs, in brown or black leather.

The entire EDIX® range can be ordered through TWS

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