EDIX® Soft Pommel


Normally, a fiberglass pommel is supplied as standard in an EDIX® saddle. A fiberglass pommel is the only rigid part of the saddle and should be sized appropriately for each horse.

A pommel ensures that the withers of the horse are kept free from pressure and that the left and right sides of the saddle are kept together, in such a way that spinal freedom is guaranteed.

For horses with a very narrow and high withers, an extreme high pommel can be ordered, for horses with a very round and wide withers, an XL pommel can be ordered. In the case of extremely sensitive horses or horses where old problems around the withers quickly reappear, a full soft pommel can offer a solution. This soft pommel is completely flexible.

With prolonged use the saddle can lose its strength and shape. We advise to use this pommel temporarily only in injuries and to regularly check the fit of the saddle on the withers but also over the entire spine in case of longer use.

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