EDIX® Chara Rawhide Bosal and ED3 Rose Bridle Set



This stunning piece of craftsmanship is made of Argentin leather. This Western piece complete with split reins can be mixed and matched.

Choose your favourite colour of ornate engraved leather bridle and match your favourite coloured bosal.

Please note in the colour choices are in the format of leather bridle first followed by the bosal colour. Mecate or reins can be purchased separately. 

ED3:  https://western-saddler.co.uk/products/edix®-ed3-rose-collection-headstall?_pos=1&_sid=fa130f7a1&_ss=r

Mecate: https://western-saddler.co.uk/products/edix®-calif-mecate-reins?_pos=2&_sid=be5e78808&_ss=r


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