EDIX® Rose Leather Cordeo



Made of original Argentin cow leather and adjustable to your prefferred lenght. Available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.

These handmade and tooled cordeo’s perfectly match your other EDIX items of the Rose collection.

There are 3 sizes available size S (shetty-pony), size M(pony-cob) and size L (cob-full). The smallest adjustment for size S=110cm, for size M=140cm and for size L=168cm, the biggest adjustment for size S=125cm, for size M=152cm and for size L=80cm.

You can take of the leather keeper on the side of the metal buttons, in this way you can easily check and see how much pressure you add onto the neckrope when in use. When there is too much pressure the buttons will flip open!


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