EDIX® 8 Pocket Merino Roundskirt Pad



A premium quality finished anatomically shaped universal Roundskirtpad made with an original Merino fur skin and equipped with 2 large and 6 small insert pockets including felt inserts. The wool is antibacterial, therapeutic, heat and moisture regulating, improves pressure distribution and prevents chafing.

The roundskirt pad is made of quilted quilted cotton, with a bottom of high-quality real Merino fur. The pad has a shaved back spinal canal and has been developed to reduce the risk of pressure points and provide optimal protection. This space guarantees freedom of movement for the spine. On both sides of the spine there are 2 large compartments on the inside and 3 small compartments for inserts on the top, all with felt inserts. Of course, a different type of insert can be chosen if required. Because the pad has 8 insert compartments, there are several options for further pressure distribution with the pad and or to position the saddle differently. Where the rider's leg chafes while riding, a nylon reinforcement has been applied to prevent wear.

High-quality Merino wool is probably still one of the most technically advanced materials in the world. By using the entire original fur skin instead of sheared and woven wool, the advantages of this natural material are optimally taken advantage of. We therefore recommend that you use the wool directly on the horse's back.

The new free spinal canal of the EDIX Merino pads, with close-sheared Merino wool, has been developed in a way to reduce pressure points and to provide the best protection for your horse's spine. Furthermore, the Merino fur skin has a large surface so that the panels of the saddle fully rest on it. As a result, the natural fibers distribute the sweat moisture effectively to the outside, at the same time distributing pressure and absorbing shocks.

For maintenance and washing instructions for the EDIX Merino fur underlays, please refer to the EDIX fur information brochure on the website.

The EDIX Merino roundskirt pads fit under various brands of treeless as well as traditional tree saddles.


quilted double quilted step fabric
anatomical shape
the abrasive part of the leg is reinforced with nylon
8 Velcro-closable separate insert compartments
supplied as standard with felt inserts
Merino fur skin 30 mm fur underside
Freespine through shaved fur in the spine
notch for withers clearance
machine washable
uni size, see overview photo for measurements
The EDIX uni roundskirtpad Merino fur skin is available in brown-brown, brown-capp., black-black, navy, burgundy, orange, royal blue, green, turquise, purple and pink.

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