EDIX® Hack-Q® Bitless Bridle - Jazz



The EDIX Hack-Q® bridles are beautifully made of Italian or English leathers and softly padded on the nose, cheek and crownpiece. They are carefully designed for extra comfort and stability, your horse will love the feel.

The EDIX Hack-Q® shanks are designed as a horse friendly cue aid hackamore. Which are easy to be used by experienced  as well as starting riders, in all disciplines of horse riding.  Edix Hack-Q®  shanks are a brand new innovative  design with a completely different working mechanism,  with features of the English hackamore,  side-cue bridle and bosal in one.

The bridles are available in 2 models called the EDIX Hack-Q® classic and The EDIX Hack-Q® Jazz, they come in 3 sizes, cob, full and extra full. The bridles are produced in black and brown and come include matching reins. The EDIX Hack-Q® bridles are sold as complete bridle.

The EDIX Hack-Q® is designed and developed in corporation with Esther  Boekel. The EDIX Hack-Q® shanks have a registered modelright at EUIOP, with number  007789730

General working of the EDIX Hack-Q® bridle

Through a small wiggling action with the reins the rider can use a clear ‘pre-cue’ signal, by sending this energy to the rings.  By taking up contact with the reins the rider can use a small, limited leverage action engaging the chinstrap and the noseband together, after this short action the contact is being distributed completely to the noseband. It is possible to use  contact on the noseband only, or only contact to the curb strap This is all depending on the adjustment and tightness of the straps in combination with the direction and the action of your hands. There is no added pressure to the poll, the Hack-Q® shanks have a direct release, and giving the poll complete relieve.

Please note that reins are included but if you want anti slip reins then please email info@western-saddler.co.uk

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