EDIX® Exchange Pommel



A wide range of Edix saddles have interchangeable pommels that can be changed to suit your horses shoulder conformation. 

EDIX® pommels are made from fiberglass for strength and lightness and available in a range of widths and angles to suit different wither shapes.The pommel, together with the special layers of the structure of the saddle, provides freedom of the withers and a stable connection of the left and right sides of a treeless saddle.

Child - White (only to be used in Children's saddles)

XS - Red

S - Blue

M - Grey (Standard in the EDIX® saddles, unless stated)

L - Green

XL -  Orange

The pommels are available with and without the horn. If you would like the pommel with horn, you can choose a brown or a black leather. 

Please click here for the Edix arch template.

The entire EDIX® range can be ordered through TWS

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