EDIX® Equis Fenders



The EDIX Equis Fenders are made of a strong buffalo leather, but become supple with use. This is so that the fenders form nicely around your legs.  These fenders can be combined with all EDIX saddle models.

These fenders are made entirely of leather, ensuring their strength and longevity.

The fenders are easily adjustable through a leather-covered blevin slide, allowing riders to customise the length according to their desired riding position and leg length. This adjustability feature enables riders to achieve optimal comfort and proper leg contact with the horse.

Included with the Edix Equis Fenders are fender straps with buckles, providing a secure attachment to the saddle. These straps ensure that the fenders are firmly in place, enhancing stability and rider control during various riding movements.

In summary, the Edix Equis Fenders feature full leather construction, easy adjustability through a leather-covered blevin slide, and include fender straps with buckles. These features contribute to a comfortable and secure riding experience, allowing riders to maintain proper leg position and stability while using their Western-style saddle.

These come in short and regular length. 

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