EDIX® Courville Felt Pad



Currently have in stock a medium Green/Black Felt Pad - Ready to ship. 

The EDIX® Courville half pad is anatomically cut in the same shape as the saddle. Equipped with 8 separate pockets where pressure and/or position correcting inserts can be applied.

The top of the EDIX® Courville felt pad is made of a sturdy cotton fabric on which, on both the left and right side of the pad, at the height of the inserts on the inside, 3 separate insert pockets have been stitched into which a layer of felt has been inserted. The inside of the pad is made of felt and has 2 large insert compartments in which inserts can be inserted as desired. The underside of the top of the pad, where the rider's leg chafes while riding, has a Nylon reinforcement to prevent wear. The underside of the underpad is finished with a synthetic wool and the separated insertion compartments on both the left and right side of the underlay create spinal freedom. Because the pad is made of felt, a first pressure distribution is already achieved.

The Courville pad can also be used for the EDIX® Vika multi-purpose saddle, as well as for many other brands of treeless saddles.


made of felt with a sturdy cotton fabric on the top
bottom is finished with synthetic fur
abrasive part has a nylon reinforcement
8 pockets with velcro closure and including felt inserts
offers freedom for the spine
anatomical shape
notch for shoulder clearance
Velcro straps for attachment to the saddle
The EDIX® Courville felt pad is available in brown, black, red, royal blue and green in sizes S, M and L.

 Please be aware that these are not kept in stock and will take 7-14 days to arrive all being well with customs. 

Green is a discontinued colour however we have 1 in stock ready for immediate shipment. 

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