EDIX® Anti Slip Reins



Tired of slippery reins? Upgrade to EDIX Leather Antislip Reins for superior grip and control in the saddle!

EDIX Leather Antislip Reins. Made from quality Argentinian leather. Available in Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full sizes.

Full leather closed reins, made of Cow leather with antislip in the handarea, with springclips, made in 4 colours, cognac, natural, brown and black.

Try the EDIX Leather Antislip Reins for a secure grip, even in challenging riding conditions. Focus on your ride, not your equipment!

Designed to provide exceptional grip, allowing riders to maintain a secure hold even in challenging riding conditions. The antislip feature ensures that the reins stay firmly in place, giving riders increased control and confidence.

Allows riders to maintain consistent contact with their horse’s mouth. This promotes clear communication and precise cues, enabling riders to have better control over their horse’s movements.

Crafted using high-quality leather, which not only ensures durability but also offers a comfortable feel in the rider’s hands. The supple leather construction allows for a soft and responsive connection with the horse while minimising hand fatigue.

- Mini = 180cm - 1/2" Thick 
- Shetty = 245cm  - 1/2" Thick 
- Pony = 260cm  - 1/2" Thick 
- Cob = 275cm  - 5/8" Thick 
- Full = 290cm  - 5/8" Thick 
- Extra Full = 305cm  - 5/8" Thick 
Please note that these are not always in stock and can take between 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

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