EDIX® Amigo Children's Saddle



EDIX® Amigo Children's Saddle

A beautiful completely treeless all-round children's saddle, the EDIX® Amigo made of fine English leather with kneerolls of soft leather and wool-filled soft leather cushions. The children's saddle is complete with matching aluminum stirrups, stirrup leathers and a felt pad, finished with an underside of synthetic wool. The use of distinctive leathers and the white stitching, gives the saddle a refined and beautiful appearance. 

A treeless all-round saddle where the construction is especially tuned to children and ponies. A lovely saddle for the sporty young rider who dares to take a jump course, but also like to go for an outside ride. When a young rider gets acquainted with treeless riding at an early stage, the young rider develops easily a balanced and independent seat. An advantage is that the young rider learns the importance of communicating through the seat.

This all-round saddle is very similar to a traditional tree saddle, yet it is a treeless saddle due to the lack of hard parts. Only the pommel is made of a narrow metal, but still flexible plate. This serves to keep the saddle in shape and the withers free of pressure. Through this specific construction, the children's saddle has the possibility to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the pony as well as to the rider. The leather billets and the safety hook for the stirrup leathers, complete the EDIX® Amigo.

The EDIX® Amigo felt pad provides a free spine and the underside is finished with synthetic wool. The F.R.A.® supergirth is optional and its 100% elasticity ensures a rock-solid fixation.

EDIX® saddles advises you to buy the proposed treeless saddles complete with substructure (special treeless pad). This to achieve optimal pressure distribution.

For more information see the extensive EDIX® documentation, which can be downloaded from our website: www.edixsaddles.com/downloads.

The EDIX® Amigo children's saddle is available in the colours brown and black and in sizes XXS and XS.

X Small - 27cm Seat
XX Small -  23cm Seat

'Complete Set' includes: saddles, stirrup leathers, stirrups and pad.

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