EDIX® Aisha Cordeo



Cordeo of the Mix & Match collection of EDIX. Choose your favourite color combination!

These articles are a part of the Mix & Match collection!

Choose your favourite color of leather cordeo handle and match with your favourite colour nicely braided Aisha cordeo part. Just click them together and you are off to go! The colors of the nicely braided PP rope are perfectly matching the other items of the EDIX Mix&Match collection and as well the Merino sheepskin saddlepad.

Mix & Match collection is to ride your horse in style and in your own colour personality 

 Size S = Shetland-Pony

Size M = Pony-Cob (available in 2-3 months)

Size L = Cob – Full

Sizing of the shetty-pony is  on the biggest adjustment 121 cm and on it’s smallest 106 cm for the cob-full size the sizes are big 178 cm and small 167 cm.

Please be aware as with most of the Edix range, we don’t keep them in stock so shipping can take between 7-14 days. 

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