EDIX® 8 Pocket Cotton Half Pad



The EDIX Uni Cotton Half Pad is a beautifully finished correction half pad made of foam and strong double-stitched step fabric. The 8-pockets are also fitted with inserts.

This pad is a premium quality finished and also anatomically shaped universal half pad made from a foam base. The EDIX half pad is equipped with 2 large as well as 6 small insert pockets. It is standard equipped with felt inserts for the top pockets and a combination of felt and 3 mesh for the large inserts.

The pad is made of a double foam and has a super strong quilted polyester/cotton fabric on the outside. It comes with no merino or synthetic wool used on the underside. The pad has a free spinal canal, for optimal freedom of movement of the vertebra. On both sides of the spine there are 2 large pockets on the inside and 3 small pockets on the top for inserts, so that this pad can also temporarily correct your saddle position, in addition to the extra softness on the horse’s back. This 8-pocket half pad can therefore also be called a correction saddle pad.

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