EDIX® 2 Mesh Inserts



*Please note these come unshaped unless specified* 

The EDIX 3 mesh inserts are highly shock absorbing and conform to the anatomy, but have the ability to return to their original state. A very high-quality, durable pressure-distributing material with an open cell structure.

The honeycomb structure guarantees optimal ventilation, even under load, in all directions.

You can test the resilience by taking the material between two flat hands and then applying pressure with equal flat hands. The material will not last ie you cannot press it flat. This load is comparable to the load that we give off with our seat on the saddle or riding saddle and indirectly through the 3 mesh on the horse's back.


shock absorbing
pressure distributing
shape adapting
20mm and 5.5mm
The EDIX® 3 mesh inserts set is available in different sets.

Inserts for special treeless saddle pads are subject to wear and it is best to check from time to time for resilience.

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