Cowboy Dressage – Poetry in Motion 2 DVD



Cowboy Dressage – Poetry in Motion 2 DVD

Poetry In Motion II
“The Partnership”

Famed horseman, artist and teacher, Eitan Beth-Halachmy brings to life a beautiful and highly educational DVD, as promised , “Poetry In Motion II, “The Partnership” is a continuation of Eitan’s highly acclaimed “Poetry In Motion I, Understanding the Horse From the Inside Out”.

Like his horses “The Partnership” is a work of art. Eitan shares how he creates his trademark, “lightness” through the use of the: Circle of the Aids, Control of the Horse’s Body Parts, Straightness and Bends.

With the use of beautiful videography, diagrams, music and animation, Eitan makes the educational experience easy to understand and a joy to watch. It will not only enrich but inspire those that seek clarity and finess in their horsemanship.

“The Partnership” is a blend of simplicity, simple truths and time tested basics that will aid any horseman or horsewoman in their horsemanship journey.

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