Cowboy Dressage – Building the Foundation DVD



Cowboy Dressage – Building the Foundation DVD

“The Dressage Is My Discipline..
The Cowboy Is My Freedom”

Eitan has long been known for his unique style of horsemanship. In this video Eitan discusses control of the three parts of the horse’s body, the importance of forward motion and much more.

”It’s hard to define Cowboy Dressage. Perhaps it is a way of not just combining two distant disciplines but – more importantly – of uniting them. The principles, practices, and teachings of good horsemanship do not belong to just one discipline. They belong to all disciplines, all breeds, all equestrians.

For me, Cowboy Dressage is a belief in a lifestyle and a discipline, offering an open door to knowledge and growth on both fronts. There are no tests or rules. Just a partnership between myself and my horse.” …. Eitan Beth-Halachmy

Beautiful horses, beautifully done, always entertaining and inspiring!

Eitan takes you step by step through his early training basics under saddle. He also shares his wisdom, philosophy and of course his humor. The horses are stunning and the settings full of color and beauty. He takes you from his home at Wolf Creek Ranch to the Red Rocks of New Mexico sharing with you his training methods and practices.

Approx. 45 mins. DVD

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