Barefoot® Stirrup 'Sevilla'



Barefoot® Safety Stirrups with Cage Kids

  • lightweight aluminium stirrup
  • with safety cage made of rubber
  • 90° angled eye
  • Tread 10.5cm
A kids stirrup for all occasions!
    The Barefoot 'Cage' safety stirrup ensures safety due to a  flexible rubber cage which prevents the foot from slipping through and rider being dragged in case of a fall.
      Unlike conventional stirrups, the Barefoot safety stirrup has a 90° angled eye. No more annoying 'poking around' to pick up stirrup as it automatically hangs at the correct angle for your foot to slot into effortlessly. Even if you lose your stirrups you can quickly regain them.
        Wide, oval tread with rubber pad results in improved grip and comfortable riding without pressure on the sole of the foot.
          Colour: Brushed aluminium, black rubber
          Attachment Width: 2.5cm.
          Tread: 10.5cm.
            Also available as adults size.
              The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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