Barefoot® Shape-It-Soft - Size 2 - Brown/Hazelnut

$67.00 $54.00

  • Flexible = customisable
  • Softly padded
  • Precise aids due to perfect fit
  • Non-slip
During basic training and groundwork should reach as precisely as possible - especially on the horse's sensitive head. Most nosebands used for this training unfortunately slip back and forth on the nose/head and make precise 'on the spot' aids impossible.
That is why we have been thinking and developed a nose piece which incorporates a sturdy, bendy wire: The noseband is shaped around this wire and can therefore be fitted to each individual horse's head. The nose piece stay in better position and does not slip.
The Barefoot soft noseband is wide and comfortably padded.The Barefoot soft noseband is even suitable for bitless riding: The reins are buckled to the outer rings.
We recommend using this noseband in conjunction with the Barefoot Contour Physio headpiece, which conforms perfectly to the horse's head, leaving the sensitive eye area free. The Barefoot Shape-It-Soft noseband can of course also be used with any standard headpiece.
Length 2: Warmblood 67 to 78 cm

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