Barefoot® 'Shape-It' Noseband - Brown - Size 1 & 2

£40.95 £30.95

  • noseband for bitless riding and groundwork
  • flexible = adapts to the horse's nose
  • suitable for all conventional bridles
  • genuine leather
Noseband, 'Shape-It'™ made of genuine Nubuck leather with rings fitted at each side for reins to be attached.
Innovative feature: A flexible wire inside the noseband allows it to adapt to the horses nose. The 'Shape-It' noseband therefore becomes more stable and does not slip so easily. More precise aids are guaranteed.
Fitting: The two top rings are simply attached to the cheek pieces of a conventional bridle. The noseband should be fitted 2-3 cm under the cheekbone.
Ideal for bitless riding, lunging and for groundwork instead of a lunging cavesson
With added bit straps Noseband 'Shape-It' can even be used with a bit.

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